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Posted in Updates on December 25, 2011 by calddir

Happy Holidays to all!

All of us here at and News from the Stable wish you all joy and happiness this holiday season!

And there is of course a brand new Yule steed to add to your stable!  Check the guide at for the details!

Ride Safe,

Calddir Nenharma of Arkenstone


Screenshot Contest Winners!

Posted in Updates on April 29, 2011 by calddir

We had so many fantastic screenshots it was very difficult to choose only three winners! I wish to thank each and every person
who entered this contest! With great pleasure, I now present the three screenshots chosen by our three judges!

Large versions of these shots will be included in the up-coming Gallery of Steeds opening on in the next few days!

Devonna of Landroval riding Tilly, an Inn League Pony, across the waters of Harloeg in the Lone Lands.

Prenthelion of Arkenstone, member of Riders of Rohan, leaves Rivendell with a mixture of emotions. He must follow and aid the Fellowship, but follow and aid them alone. His mount's head is down, in empathy to the rider.

Hoggetshadowmir of Elendilmir, tired after much riding around on his Ashen Horse, needed a drink and they found a nice quiet spot to take a few minutes break.

A great thanks as well to the judges who struggled over all the wonderfull screenshots!
The Judges:
Calddir Nenharma from
Littlekender from Swifty and Hammo kinship of Arkenstone
Mysteriox from the Arkenstone Equestrian Federation

Lotrosteeds Screenshot Contest!

Posted in Updates on April 8, 2011 by calddir is working on an equestrian image gallery and is in need of AWESOME screenshots and LotRO based artworks!  You can not only help build the collection, but get a chance to win a 2011 PAX-East Promotional Steed!

All entries must be accompanied by:

1- Your best horse/Pony/Goat related screenshot

2- Your character name

3- Your server

4- Your email address

5- Personal name of steed pictured (if any)

6- Any details about the screenshot

Simply enter the contest by submitting your absolute best screenshot to  Incomplete entries cannot be judged.

Entries are judged by three professional artists local to and winners selected based solely on the aesthetic qualities of the image (content, composition, contrast, etc.)

3 talented screenshot artists will be awarded the PAX-East Steed!  Codes are applied to your account and work for all characters on your account!

Visit for details!

Good Luck and Ride Safe,