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4th Anniversary Steed Introduced!!

Posted in LotRO Events on April 22, 2011 by calddir

In celebration of the 4th Anniversary of Lord of the Rings Online, Turbine has introduced the 4th Anniversary Steed!!!  The Steed is very difficult to get, requires 3 horse race tokens (from the Breeland and Michel Delving races), and 30 Anniversary tokens.  The Anniversary tokens are obtainable by either running the races, clubbing in Thorin’s Hall, or winning the token lottery at  The steed is a very beautiful mount, and worth the effort!

The Anniversary Celebration runs now until May 2nd 2011!  Good luck and ride safe all!  Happy 4th Anniversary!!!!!



Landroval Spring Racing Festival!

Posted in LotRO Events on April 16, 2011 by calddir

Here at, we are always excited to see events such as this!   The event is, sponsored by Duvelon of the Landroval Equestrian Federation and is co-hosted by Kinships: Leaves of Laurelin, Lonely Mountain Band, Eraidor Music Society, and the Veiltakes of the Landroval Server,

The two day event takes place on the Landroval server, April 29th and 30th between 7pm and 9pm EST.

Even if you, like myself, find your main characters on another server, make and alt and show up!  It is sure to be a great event!!!!!

My dear Landrovalrim and Arkenstoners, and my dear Elendimirians, and Crickits, and Dwarrowdelvers, and Gladdens, and Imladrians, and Meneldorians, and Nimrodelians, Riddermarks, Silverlodians, Windfolans Vilyans and Firefoots.
“FireFEET” shouted an elderly man on rocking chair.
Firefoots. Also my good Brandywinos that I invite you all to:…..


Event Program includes
On April 29th there will be Six Qualifying Horse Races. If you finish in top 3 in one of those six races, you are qualified to race in the Bree Cup to be held on 30th of April. The following Six Horse Races to qualify for the Bree Cup are

The Moonstone Cup and The Mithril Cup to be held in Gondamon!
The Beryl Cup and The Mallorn Cup to be held in Dulliond!
The Mathom Cup and The Longbottom Leaf Cup to be held in Michel Delving!

Each of those races, the winner shall take home FIVE Gold! 2nd place three Gold! 3rd place, two Gold!  And each gets a Guaranteed, Exclusive spot in 18 horses Bree Cup Race!

On 30th of April, it is Bree Cup Day, the day that all people of Bree from all sorts of background drop their tools, their weapons, their duties, even their monies to attend the festivals celebrating Bree Cup horse race!

There will be;
*Feasting and Drinking!
*Music bands and Dancing!
*Race-goers Fashion Contest!
*Horse Parade and Breed Show!
*Betting on your favourite horse!
*Merriments and several minor horse races!

And not the least of all; the most famous race, the richest and most prestigious race;
The Bree Cup!

Do I need to point out, or even remind you that the Bree Cup Winner shall take home ONE HUNDRED GOLD in prize winning!

Check the forums for more information or to ask questions!!!

This is sure to be a great event!!!  Hope to see you all there!!


Win a Steed of Minas Ithil..!!!

Posted in LotRO Events on April 11, 2011 by calddir

Win it before you can buy it: Steed of Minas Ithil

The soldiers of Minas Ithil (which has long since been taken by the Enemy and renamed Minas Morgul) would have ridden these steeds long ago. There are some still who remember the Tower of the Moon, and they dress their loyal steeds in the livery of Minas Ithil as a sign to the forces of Mordor that some things cannot be stamped out forever.

This steed is inspired by the Volume 3: Book 3 Epic Story, which features a flashback to the time of Isildur and his companion soldiers of Minas Ithil.

The Steed of Minas Ithil is coming to the LOTRO Store for a limited time on Friday, April 22. But you don’t have to wait to win one of your very own! Enter our daily LOTRO Lotteries for your chance to win a Steed of Minas Ithil before you can buy it.

All characters level 10 and above may enter the Steed of Minas Ithil Lottery.

Lottery Start and End Times:

  • Thursday April 7, Noon Eastern – Friday April 8, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Friday April 8, 4:00AM Eastern – Saturday April 9, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Saturday April 9, 4:00AM Eastern – Sunday April 10, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Sunday April 10, 4:00AM Eastern – Monday April 11, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Monday April 11, 4:00AM Eastern – Tuesday April 12, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Tuesday April 12, 4:00AM Eastern – Wednesday April 13, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Wednesday April 13, 4:00AM Eastern – Thursday April 14, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Thursday April 14, 4:00AM Eastern – Friday April 15, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Friday April 15, 4:00AM Eastern – Saturday April 16, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Saturday April 16, 4:00AM Eastern – Sunday April 17, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Sunday April 17, 4:00AM Eastern – Monday April 18, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Monday April 18, 4:00AM Eastern – Tuesday April 19, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Tuesday April 19, 4:00AM Eastern – Wednesday April 20, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Wednesday April 20, 4:00AM Eastern – Thursday April 21, 3:00AM Eastern
  • Thursday April 21, 4:00AM Eastern – Friday April 22, 3:00AM Eastern

For information on entering the LOTRO Lotteries, please see the LOTRO Lottery Schedule and FAQ.


Springfest 2011 is here!

Posted in LotRO Events on March 23, 2011 by calddir

Springfest has begun and is in full swing!  A lovely new steed can now be added to your stable; the Springtime Steed!  The new Springtime Steed is an aged dark blonde steed with grey mane and tail.   A brown decorative leather saddle with green accents sits atop this steed along with a very decorative gold and yellow festive blanket and leg braces all with green trim.

There are many events during the Spring Festival on LotRO so get your best outfit on and enjoy the festival and new additions to the game with Issue 2!!!  Happy Spring Fest!!!

Valentines Day Photo Contest Results!

Posted in LotRO Events on February 15, 2011 by calddir

The Valentines Day screenshot winners included a beautiful equestrian shot!  Runyariel of Nimrodel submitted a very well made action shot of her riding the Blonde Sorrel horse and took one of the winning posts of the contest.  Congratulations Runyariel of Nimrodel!!!!

Runyariel of Nimrodel on her Blonde Sorrel horse

Winning photo entry by Runyariel of Nimrodel

The official results and other winners of the contest can be found here.

Horse Design Contest Winner!

Posted in LotRO Events on January 15, 2011 by calddir

The Horse Design Contest (PAX East Edition) has come to a close!  Some great entries were submitted by numerous contestants I am sure!  Congratulations go out to GoldRushSE, a mother/daughter team who create a very lovely “Golden Fringe” design.

The ‘Golden Fringe’ is a pale white palomino style with grey points adorned with a grey and red paisley blanket with gold fringe.  The subtle hues used in the design lend towards a very majestic look for this steed.

GoldRushSE joins other awesome designers Aqina Valour and Gundryn by seeing their awesome horse designs become actual in-game steeds. Currently there are two player designed steeds in the game, the Smokey Black from Mirkwood and the Blue Roan Spring Festival steed!  It is not known how this steed will be installed into Middle Earth, it is my guess that it may be the 2011 spring festival steed.  Not sure, but it will surely be a wonderful addition to the stable whatever it becomes!

Congratulations once again to GoldRushSE and her daughter for this very well thought out and well designed steed.  I look forward to seeing it in game soon!  The official LotRO announcement can be found here.

Horse Design Contest – PAX Edition

Posted in LotRO Events on December 28, 2010 by calddir

Now is your chance to show your creativity as well as your love
for all things equestrian!  The LotRO Horse Design Contest is now
accepting submissions until January 3rd, 2011 for a new steed to
be included in the game.  Past winners of this contest include:

Gundryn who designed the Spring Festival Blue Roan &
Aqina Valour who designed the Prized Smokey Black horse
from Mirkwood.

In addition to having your horse design implemented in the live
game, the winner will also receive a free copy of their mount to use

Read contest rules and download your template here.