About “News from the Stable”

Mae Govannen!

Thank you for visiting “News from the Stable”, bringing you the latest in equine news and information in “Lord of the Rings Online”!

Created to enhance the well known LotRO Horse Guide “Steeds of Middle Earth”, where you will find detailed information on every horse, pony and goat in Lord of the Rings Online, “News from the Stable” is an online newspaper/blog designed to distribute news, announcements, and time sensitive information pertaining to the same.

Everything Equine will be in one of the following catagories:

LotRO Events – Equine related LotRO activities in and out of the game.  Horse design contests, breed shows, horse parades, races, etc. will be posted and announced in this section.

LotRO Game Updates – New steeds and mounts, changes to current mounts, etc. will be posted in this section.

LotRO Store Updates – Announcements of new steeds or equestrian related items added to the LotRO Store will be posted in this section.

Your comments are most welcome!  I hope you enjoy this and all productions and products of Lotrosteeds.com

Ride Safe,

Calddir Nenharma of Arkenstone

News from the Stable is a production of Lotrosteeds.com

“Lotrosteeds.com” and “News from the Stable” are fansites and are not officially affiliated with Lord of the Rings Online or Turbine, Inc.

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