One wonderful new steed coming soon to the LoTRO Store!!!!

Ride Safe!!


4 Responses to “”

  1. It looks even better in this..

    • Hey there Elenluin.

      Agreed it does look better there. I don’t think the Turbine ad does justice to the horse. 🙂 I do enjoy seeing my hunter on this horse as well as my hobbit warden on her pony version. Mind you I also got one for my main Mysterixox who is a lore master. Well where is said that lore masters can’t hunt 🙂

      Have fun

  2. I know its a strange request but is the other mounts other then Horses and Goats. Im not quite sure if you are allowed spontanous mounts like a Warg for example. But if you ever have the chance, please make a warg. And great job on the mounts, I love my steed of the night, though it seems more like steed of fire. Night seemed more Navy Blue or Purple. Great job and wish to see more.

    • Hey there Antony,

      I have not seen any other mounts other than the horses and goats. I am not sure what else there would be. Visit for a full guide on all the current and past horses or goats available.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Have fun

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