Rohirrim Mounts Available NOW!

Greetings Equestrian Enthusiasts!

It was announced today that with the Rise of Isengard update coming this September, that three new steeds will be introduced, the Rohirrim Mounts!!!!

Additionally, you do not have to wait till September to get these awesome steeds!  With a pre-order of Ride of Isengard, you will receive ALL THREE ROHIRRIM STEEDS!  Check out the details at the official announcement found at

These steeds, along with their matching outfits, will be certain to be an absolutely must have to your stable!!!!

I will update the guide at as soon as I get some nice shots..:-)

Ride Safe!!





4 Responses to “Rohirrim Mounts Available NOW!”

  1. anyone else having a strange bug on their rohirrim steed? my mount shows 100 morale… i don’t get it.

    • Hey there Tranx.

      I now have my Rohirrim Steeds, and none have that bug. I hope it is fixed by now, but if not, send in a bug report to Turbine.

      Have fun

  2. Sorry, can’t help you with that. I haven’t got mine yet 😦

  3. Hi,

    In some of the promos for this that I’ve seen, the steeds are rearing up on their hind legs. Do you know if that’s a GM/promo picture only thing? Or can we somehow magically make our horses (or goats I guess) do that?

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