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Update 2 Echoes of the Dead is LIVE with two new steeds!

Posted in LotRO Game Updates on March 24, 2011 by calddir

Tons of new content is now live with Update 2 Echoes of the Dead!   Along with new content and some major renovation of the legendary weapon system are two brand new steeds!  The Cremello Steed, also known as the PAX East Steed, is the contest winner of the PAX East LotRO Horse Design Contest.  Currently, there is but one way to have that steed, and that is to have visited the Turbine Booth at the recent PAX East gaming convention.  Quite a nice reward for attending and quite a wonderful design by mother/daughter team GoldRushSE!

The original winning design by GoldRushSE!

Another awesome steed is so new we don’t have a clue as to what it looks like!  The new Prized Ost Dunhoth War-Horse is a new meta-deed steed awarded to the player completing the new meta-deed, “In Your Presence” from the new Update 2 content!  Basically, the deed is completing all the new instances in all modes.  Quite a task!  I wager the steed is well worth the work!

Ride Safe and have fun all!


Springfest 2011 is here!

Posted in LotRO Events on March 23, 2011 by calddir

Springfest has begun and is in full swing!  A lovely new steed can now be added to your stable; the Springtime Steed!  The new Springtime Steed is an aged dark blonde steed with grey mane and tail.   A brown decorative leather saddle with green accents sits atop this steed along with a very decorative gold and yellow festive blanket and leg braces all with green trim.

There are many events during the Spring Festival on LotRO so get your best outfit on and enjoy the festival and new additions to the game with Issue 2!!!  Happy Spring Fest!!!

Major LotRO Store Sale!

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on March 19, 2011 by calddir

The LotRO Store is holding a major sale on steeds and mounts!  The sale runs until March 24th and includes discounts of 25% on store purchased faction and festival steeds and 50% on standard and temporary store purchased steeds including the dusky nimblefoot goat!  Check out the LotRO store in game or their home page for details:!