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Steed of Night Departing Sale

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on February 17, 2011 by calddir

It has been officially announced that the Steed of Night will leave the LotRO Store on Feb. 21st, 2010.  It is unknown whether or when the steed will be offered again.  The steed is being offered for sale at a special departing discount price of 1596TP!   Get it while you still can!

The Steed of Night is the absolute best steed a low level character can have at 168% speed and 250HP!  It equals the most difficult steeds to obtain and best steeds in the game!

Read the official announcement here.


Valentines Day Photo Contest Results!

Posted in LotRO Events on February 15, 2011 by calddir

The Valentines Day screenshot winners included a beautiful equestrian shot!  Runyariel of Nimrodel submitted a very well made action shot of her riding the Blonde Sorrel horse and took one of the winning posts of the contest.  Congratulations Runyariel of Nimrodel!!!!

Runyariel of Nimrodel on her Blonde Sorrel horse

Winning photo entry by Runyariel of Nimrodel

The official results and other winners of the contest can be found here.

Feb Horse Sale at the LotRO Store

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on February 4, 2011 by calddir

Between Feb 4th through Feb 10th, the LotRO Store is offering a 20% discount to both the Esteldin and Mathom Society Steeds amoung other very nice items!  The store offers sales often and frequently includes steeds amoung their fine deals!

Keep in mind that the LotRO Store steeds are NOT ‘Prized’ mounts as you would earn in the game with reputation and gold.  The store steeds are regular faction/regional mounts, travel at 162%, yet have 150 HP (100 points less than the Prized steeds).  They do however, look identical to their Prized counterparts and would make a fine addition to any stable.

The steeds can be found in game in the LotRO Store under Travel – Mounts – Regional.  The official announcement can be found here.

Read more about the many Steeds of Middle Earth at: