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Yule Fest Steeds Coming to Store

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on January 26, 2011 by calddir

We all knew they would, but the official announcement has come.  2010 Yule Fest items, including two of the three Yule Fest horses are becoming available to the LotRO Store February 4th through February 17th 2011 at a cost of 1195TP.   According to the official announcement, the Glittering Yule Steed and the Yule Festival Steeds are among many Yule Festival items that will be for sale.

The Glittering steed is obvious according to the announcement, but the Yule Festival Steed looks like it may in fact be the Yule Fest Snow Steed.  Time will tell.   Nevertheless, don’t forget to check the store and get the steeds you may have missed on February 4th.

Check the official announcement here.


Steed of Night Stays for now!

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on January 15, 2011 by calddir

Well, the Steed of Night gets a stay of execution and will remain available in the LotRO Store.  It should be understood that all steeds and items in the store are not permanent fixtures and may be pulled or altered as the market fluctuates.

So, for now fellow equine enthusiasts, the Steed of Night will remain available until a future date to be announced.

The Algraig Steed Released to LotRO Store!

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on January 15, 2011 by calddir

The Algraig Steed is Released For A Limited Time to the LotRO Store: Friday, January 21st, 12am Eastern (-5 GMT) through Thursday, February 3rd, 11:59pm Eastern (-5 GMT)

Yet another faction steed makes its way into the LotRO Store, the Men of Enedwaith Algraig Steed!

For a limited time, the Algraig Steed, will be available at a cost of 1295TP!   No Algraig reputation needed to obtain this standard faction mount.

A cream colored dun steed with painted accents, a bright white mane tail and a decorative saddle with an ornate breastplate.   This is the store purchased version of this steed and  has 200 health and allows the character purchasing it to travel at 162% speed.

Keep in mind that the store version of this steed is not equal to the Prized version earned via rep in game and has lower stats.

Click here to see the official announcement.

Horse Design Contest Winner!

Posted in LotRO Events on January 15, 2011 by calddir

The Horse Design Contest (PAX East Edition) has come to a close!  Some great entries were submitted by numerous contestants I am sure!  Congratulations go out to GoldRushSE, a mother/daughter team who create a very lovely “Golden Fringe” design.

The ‘Golden Fringe’ is a pale white palomino style with grey points adorned with a grey and red paisley blanket with gold fringe.  The subtle hues used in the design lend towards a very majestic look for this steed.

GoldRushSE joins other awesome designers Aqina Valour and Gundryn by seeing their awesome horse designs become actual in-game steeds. Currently there are two player designed steeds in the game, the Smokey Black from Mirkwood and the Blue Roan Spring Festival steed!  It is not known how this steed will be installed into Middle Earth, it is my guess that it may be the 2011 spring festival steed.  Not sure, but it will surely be a wonderful addition to the stable whatever it becomes!

Congratulations once again to GoldRushSE and her daughter for this very well thought out and well designed steed.  I look forward to seeing it in game soon!  The official LotRO announcement can be found here.

Steed of Night Vanishing!

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on January 13, 2011 by calddir

The Steed of Night will be removed from the LotRO Store January 16th, 2011!

The Steed Of Night is about to leave the LOTRO Store!

By far the best steed for a low level character in the game, the Steed of Night, is a LotRO Store exclusive steed and will be removed on January 16th, 2011.    There is no way to obtain this magnificent steed other than the LotRO Store!  Get it while you can!

“This magnificent steed has a dark charcoal coat with glistening chocolate undertones and amber eyes. It is bedecked with a glimmering saddle pad, a fiery neck guard and reinforced leather saddle, bridle and leg boots. This steed has 250 health and allows you to travel at 168% speed, making it faster and stronger than many other mounts! Click here to learn more about the Steeds of Middle-earth!”

The steed will be available ONLY through Sunday, January 16th at 11:59pm Eastern (-5 GMT)

Warden’s Steed Pulled

Posted in LotRO Store Updates on January 8, 2011 by calddir

As many may have noticed, the “Warden’s Steed” has been removed from the LotRO Store.  Sapience, Community Specialist for Turbine stated on the official forums:

“The Warden’s steed did make it into the store but was removed. The steed had several issues including an incorrect description. The horse should have been a cosmetic version of the Warden’s of Annúminas mount.”

So the horse will still come to the stable soon, just has a bit of cosmetic work left, so keep an eye out for it in the near future.